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Eco Household

Our range of Eco friendly household products include the complete range of Ecozone products.

Ecozone is an international company that designs and produces ecological cleaning products, energy saving products and gadgets. Originally founded in 1997 in England, Ecozone has been a trendsetter from the very start, marketing high-quality, utilitarian products to a broad consumer base.

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Save water with Econo's, an ingenious device that can save up to 50% water

Ecozone Dryer Balls

Ecozone Dryer Balls£10.25

Dryer Balls save money and time with any load. Using dryer balls will reduce drying time by 25%

Ecozone Magnoball

Ecozone Magnoball£10.49

Magnoball® is economical and environmentally safe, its magnetic power crystallises limescale particles in the water, preventing them from settling in your clothes or clogging up the heating elements and pipes of your washing machine or dishwasher.

Ecozone Magnoloo

Ecozone Magnoloo£10.49

Magnoloo – The anti-limescale toilet descaler

Ecozone Pure Oxygen Whitener

Ecozone Pure Oxygen Whitener£4.25

Ecozone® Pure Oxygen Whitener adds power to your laundry, unleashing the power of pure oxygen to help remove tough stains.

Ecozone Stain Remover

Ecozone Stain Remover£4.25

Ecozone Stain Remover 135ml

Ecozone Washing Machine & Dish Washer Descaler

Ecozone Washing Machine & Dish Washer Descaler£4.99

Ecozone® Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner has been specially formulated to clean and freshen your appliance. By removing limescale and detergent deposits that have built up over time your machine will function at its optimum helping to avoid expensive call out charges and repair bills.

Kettle & Iron Descaler

Kettle & Iron Descaler£3.99

Ecozone® Kettle & Iron Descaler has been specially formulated to effectively remove limescale deposits without toxic chemicals. By descaling regularly, your appliances will be limescale free, work more efficiently and could reduce your electricity bills.


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items